Quality Statement

At AttarSouk we ensure that

All our attars are cruelty-free.

All our attars are only made with ingredients/raw material of the finest quality, for a better fragrance experience.

All our attars are Alcohol-free.

All the attars, at Attarsouk, are only traded with Authorized manufactures, who confirm strict supervision while the perfume oils are manufactured and packaged.

All our attars are made with natural ingredients and are free from animal substances.

All our attars go under the Quality-check process before dispatching.

Our Philosophy and pledge towards quality of our attars-

Intending to provide fragrance enthusiasts best quality of attars, we ensure that raw-material and ingredients are cruelty-free and concern with ingredients that shall not only last long but give benefits to the wearer.

Attarsouk deal only with Imported/Indian Brands which are authorized and go under the best quality check procedure before selling them in the market. This makes our Attar reliable and promising.

However, we assure you that all the stages of inspections are done firmly with our Quality-Check Department relating to Product Quality and packaging Quality.