About us

What is Attar Souk?

Attar Souk is an online store which aspires to offer best quality Attars from Best Brands to our beloved customers.

How it started ?

As Stated by many fragrance specialists “Attar is one of the most beloved of gifts given to mankind” and Attar Souk takes pride to be home to this treasure. Attar Souk has an expertise of over more than 3 decades in fragrance industry and believes that Mother Nature has blessed us with an enormous assortment of fragrances and we are pleased to be sharing them with you all in the most natural form, Attar.

Several Exploring and Researching about fragrances around the world has led us to a conclusion that even though we prefer modernized and appealing scents our hearts can only get captivated with Natural Attars. The main reason is that the way they’re made, connects with our senses delightfully.

Our Mission

While travelling around and perceiving every mere detail about Fragrances we learned that Attar’s admiration is not limited to its aroma but they also benefit us by being completely safe for our skin and our environment. With these facts considered we only want these aromatic gems to reach maximum customers at most affordable rates.

Our Products

Whether it is World famous Warm Attars fragrances like Musk, Amber, Oudh, Saffron or Cool Attars indulged with Khush, Sandal & Kewda we have them all. Attar Souk has traditional and exceptional Branded collection of Attars which are hard to find. We aim that all are customers stumble upon all these marvelous fragrances and be content.

Attar Souk’s philosophy is to provide the finest quality products, with extraordinary service and we ensure you that whenever you visit our online store there will be no space for disappointments but amazement.